Two Sailors in a Sea of Trouble Paperback

In Red Sea Run Two Sailors in a Sea of Trouble Cap'n Fatty and Carolyn sail their 39' sloop Wild Card from Thailand to the Mediterranean via the Red Sea.

They must sail past the dreaded Somali pirates before dealing with the land pirates of the Suez Canal and finally escaping to Israel.

Reviews of Red Sea Run:

Red Sea Run aims straight and true at the heart of the cruising life -- you, your boat, and Mother Ocean. And if you have a partner like Fatty's Carolyn, and bunch of sea gypsy friends sharing the vision, it's a warm heart. This book will resonate with bluewater cruisers and lure others to get out there, way out there, and let the sea work its magic.

---Sally Erdle, Editor of Caribbean Compass

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander has heart, and he's not afraid to write with it. In prose vivid and spare, this self-proclaimed Sea Gypsy brings to life the sea and its shores and all the adventures to be had in between. At turns philosophical, at turns bust-a-gut funny, Goodlander is a master storyteller, and he grapples with the meat of life--the simple pleasures, the Big Questions, the stuff that'll bring a tear to your eye. Wise and witty, Cap'n Fatty and his joy and wonder about the world burst off the page. On a personal note, when my fisherman father-in-law was laid low with botched heart surgery, I read Cap'n Fatty aloud in the ICU. I kid you not, this was the turning point my father-in-law's heartbeat stabilized and he started fighting his way back to this world. Cap'n Fatty's stories are more than great entertainment, they remind us we have so much to live for. They're life savers.

---Janna Cawrse Esarey, author of Motion of the Ocean

Yet another winner. Fatty will make you laugh and cry...often at the same time. Explore the world with the last of the real cruising adventurers as they tack and gibe their way in and out of trouble in the Red Sea.

---Gary E. Brow, author of Caribbean High and editor of All at Sea magazine